Vision. Values. Voice.

When a leader communicates vision and lives it, values others, and gives people a voice, they will find their best next.

Doing Whatever It takes

At Whatever It Takes Foundation, we believe the local church is the hope of the world. Our goal is to help the local church know, grow, go, and show the love of Christ with the world around it. The local church as God designed it is a catalyst for life-change and brings people from death to life in Jesus Christ. When the local church is healthy it begins and fosters lifelong journeys of faith, hope and love and deepens Christlike character. As C.S. Lewis once said the whole goal of the local church is to produce “little Christs.”

WIT is a nonprofit which:

-Supports future church plants and planters locally, domestically and internationally.

-Develops current and future church leaders.

-Works with struggling, under resourced and vision deficit churches.

-Empower the local church to discover its best next and become all that they can be.

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116 6th Street South
St Petersburg, FL 33710

What We Offer

The Ninety Nine Foundation

Transforming convicted felons into spiritual leaders and then sending those leaders throughout the entire Florida and Tennessee prison systems to transform the lives of others.


Are you planning a wedding? A baby dedication? Do you need an event speaker? Please contact us for more details and information.


By joining Whatever It Takes Foundation and The Ninety Nine Foundation you are making a significant impact and difference. Thank you for supporting us today and everyday as we do whatever it takes to multiply the Kingdom.